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Zambia News Briefs & Key Pages:

Major Zambian News:
**All Latest Zambian News

**Latest Zambia Business News

**Zambian News Sorted by Town & City

**World News: Gen., Business, Health, IT, etc

**Zambians on Facebook Notes/Updates/“News”



Travel & Tourism Info:
Zambia Travel & Tourism Guide
* Weather for Major Towns & Cities
* Major Maps of Zambia
* Zambia in Pictures

Help Charities in Zambia:
List of Zambian Charities (NGOs)
* How to Support Charitable Causes
* Famous Quotations on Charity
* Useful Info on Charity work
* Charity News in Zambia & Worldwide


Business and Economy Section
* Latest Zambian Business News
* Business Admin Info: articles, books
* Business Directory & Directories

Media & Entertainment:
Listen to Radio Phoenix, ZNBC, Q-FM
* Watch Zambian Music Videos Online 
Music Online Info, podcasts, etc 
* Sports Online Info, news, teams...



Zambians (Zambian People):
Zambians Online & Friends

* Zambians on Facebook, etc
* Zambia Name Directory
* Education in Zambia

Government and Politics:
Zambian Government & Politics
* Government Ministries & Departments

About Zambian Website (
Mission & Purpose of Zambian Website
* Zambian Website Site Map
* Contact Zambian Website
* Privacy Policy 

Christianity, Women's Development, etc:
Christian Ministries, Churches, etc
Free Audio Sermons  
* Women of Zambia
* Christian Equality -Gender, Race, etc

Some Regional Partner Websites:
South Africa 
* Zimbabwe
* Botswana
* Malawi
* Nairobi

Some Christian Partner Websites:
† Jesus Work Ministry
† Spiritual Warfare & Deliverance Ministry
Christian Audio Sermons
† Prayer & Fasting Keys



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