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Education in Zambia



The education system in Zambia consists of 7 years of primary schooling and 5 years of secondary schooling before students can enter university, college, or other institutions of higher learning. The following is the breakdown:

Primary School:
    * Grades one to seven.
Secondary School:
    * Phase 1: grades eight and nine (also known as Junior Secondary)
    * Phase 2: grades ten to twelve (also known as Upper Secondary)

The academic year in Zambia runs from January to December. It has three month school terms which are broken up by a roughly one month holiday prior to each term. This translates to about 40 weeks of school per year.

The minimum entrance age to the first year of primary school, known as Grade 1, is 7 years old. Thus a child is expected to enter his/her first year of high school (Form 1) at 14 years old. These were government established standards. Schools, particularly private schools, are very liberal in applying them. Their priority is largely on the performance of each child. It’s thus common to find children of varying age groups throughout the schooling years.

Primary languages: English as the language of instruction and one Zambian language assigned by each provincial district.

Types of schools: 1) Government public schools, 2) Church run schools, 3) Private schools, and 4) Religious private schools (other than Christian ones -e.g. Jewish and Islamic schools).

Some Quick Stats:

 Zambia Education Facts 2007


 Schools in the country


 Children enrolled in all schools, Grade 1 to 12


 Dropout rate in 2005


 Teacher, pupil ratio in grades 1 to 9


 Percent of all the children in school who are orphaned


 Children are out of school from age 7 to 13

Source: USAID-Zambia

Higher Education in Zambia
Transition from lower to higher educational levels is determined by the performance of each student in national examinations at the end 12. This is particularly so for government colleges and universities. They are highly competitive due to the few spots they offer.

The entry of private colleges and universities has brought more opportunities to many deserving students that failed to make it into highly competitive government universities and colleges. The only catch is whether or not they can afford to attend the private institutions of higher learning. Institutional accreditation and recognition is by the Ministry of Education (of Zambia).

Universities in Zambia

Zambian universities offering undergraduate degree and postgraduate degree programs in different academic fields.
* University of Zambia (UNZA), in Lusaka (public university)
* Copperbelt University (CBU), in Kitwe (public university) at or
* Mulungushi University, in Kabwe (public university)
* Zambia Catholic University (ZCU) (private/church university) -proposed
* Copperstone University College, in Kitwe (private university)
* Northrise University, in Ndola (private university)
* Cavendish University Zambia, in Lusaka (private university)
* Zambia Open University (private university)
* Azzalia University (private university)

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Some Colleges  in Zambia

Some of the institutions offering post secondary education and training leading to diploma and certificate qualifications in different academic fields. Most are public colleges, funded by the government.

However, private colleges are fast increasing every year. They’re expected to surpass public colleges in number if they continue increasing - and if more people are able to afford attending private colleges.
* Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce, in Lusaka
* Institute of Social Sciences (ISS), in Lusaka
* Natural Resources Development College (NRDC), in Lusaka
* National Institute for Scientific and Industrial Research (NISIR), in Lusaka
* National Institute for Public Administration (NIPA), in Lusaka
* Zambia College of Agriculture (ZCA), in Monze and Mpika
* Katete Centre of Marketing and Co-operatives, in Katete
* Central Africa Baptist College
* Chainama Hills College Hospital, in Lusaka
* Charles Lwanga College of Education, in Chikuni (Monze).
* Chipata College of Education
* Copperbelt Teachers Training College
* David Livingstone College of Education
* Hotel and Tourism Training Institute Trust
* Kafue Gorge Training Centre
* Kasama College of Education
* Kasia Secretarial College
* Kwame Nkurumah Teachers Training College
* Kitwe teachers training college
* Malcom Moffat College of Education
* Mansa College of Education
* Mongu College of Education
* Mufulira College of Education
* National In Service Teachers College Chalimbana
* Nortec College
* Solwezi College of Education
* Step In Training Centre
* Step Ahead School
* TVTC of Luanshya
* Twatotela Student Support Center
* WalkTall Tuition Centre
* Zambia Air Services Training Institute
* Zambia College of Agriculture Monze
* Zambia Institute of Special Education
* Zamtel staff training college
* Zampost staff training college

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Some Primary and Secondary Schools  in Zambia

Below are some primary and secondary schools  in Zambia that are known to have a website or web presence:
* Rhodes Park School, in Lusaka
* Fairview Education Academy, in Lusaka
* Dora Tamane School, in Lusaka
* Thumbelina School, in Lusaka
* Jubilee Academy, in Lusaka
* Barlaston Park School, Lusaka
* American International School of Lusaka (AISL), in Lusaka
* International School of Lusaka (ISL), in Lusaka
* Lusaka International Community School (LICS), in Lusaka
* Banani International School, in Lusaka
* Baobab College, in Lusaka (Lilayi)
* Graceland School, in Ndola
* Simba International School, in Ndola
* Chengelo School, in Mkushi

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Grading System

Grading System in Secondary Schools:
One = Distinction
Two = Distinction
Three = Merit
Four = Merit
Five = Credit
Six = Credit
Seven = Satisfactory
Eight = Satisfactory
Nine = Unsatisfactory

Grading System in Universities:
A+ = Distinction
A = Distinction
B+ = Meritorious
B = Very Satisfactory
S = Satisfactory
C+ = Definite Pass
P = Pass
C = Bare Pass
CP = Compensatory Pass
D+ = Bare Fail
D = Clear Fail
E = Worthless



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